Vanna Boghossian

As a member of a community, I really believe we should be committed to supporting an organization whose sole reason for being is to help us. To take care of us.

I was fortunate enough to be employed by the hospital when it was brand new. And although my husband and I didn’t have a lot of extra cash at the time – after all, we did have three kids under 5 back then! – our family decided that really, a dollar a pay cheque would not be missed, and we felt it important to put money back into something that was giving us such opportunity. Eventually, those dollars add up.

Twenty five years later, as I walk through this hospital, I can tell you I feel a real sense of pride.

I see the magnificent new building, the incredible resources, the state of the art equipment. And I think wow, I’m responsible for a little piece of this. And that makes me proud. I have made a difference.

Today, as a manager, I have a much greater understanding of the needs of running an organization such as this. And I think it’s important for staff to know that the Ministry doesn’t just hand over the equipment or resources to a department once it’s built. Money needs to be raised. I didn’t realize that before I became a manager, and it reinforced to me just how important fundraising is.

We, as a community, need to provide our hospital -- that is here for all of us, either as a place of work or a place of healing - with the important resources to do our jobs well. To take care of people. Maybe even our own family.

We should all feel very fortunate to work at Credit Valley -- for helping to provide such excellent care to those in need, and for giving us the opportunity to work in our own community.

So we should all continue to support this great place, and the teams who do such great work. In fact, I encourage you to make regular donations to ensure the quality health care our community deserves so close to home.

If anything, remember what just a dollar a pay cheque can do.