Mr. Patel

As a newcomer to Canada in the early 1980s, Vinod Patel would ride the bus to and from work and watch the progress of the busy construction site on the corner of Eglinton and Erin Mills Parkway.

As The Credit Valley Hospital took shape, Mr. Patel was well pleased and felt that this hospital would help the people who travelled by bus with him, who worked with him, and who lived in his neighbourhood. When the hospital opened its doors, the corner of Eglinton and Erin Mills Parkway became an important hub for the community.

Mr Patel felt compelled to contribute in some way to the hospital. He knew that a community is made up of friends and strangers who help each other - who depend on each other and it was important to him to demonstrate his generosity.

And so began The Foundation’s extremely rewarding relationship with Mr. Patel who, at 92, regularly visits us in the Foundation to bring a cheque and who is always sitting poised and proud at all donor and hospital events. Mr Patel is an important part of a warm and generous community that takes care of those in need.