Sharon Hodder and Michael Steel

Micheal's grandfather, Jim Steel, had an early connection to Credit Valley Hospital: he lived in Mississauga, near the land where the hospital was built.

While many people at the time thought building a hospital in the midst of nowhere was crazy, he believed the city would grow and the hospital's services would be greatly in need. He started supporting the hospital very early on and was very proud of his foresight.

When Jim passed away, his grandson and his wife, Michael and Sharon, continued to support the hospital in his memory. Sharon explains, "You can never take it for granted that a hospital will always be there, so it is incumbent on any community to invest in and secure its future."

Michael and Sharon have generously donated to The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation, stewarding funds to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Says Sharon, "We wanted the money to go to an area where it would make an immediate difference. We are humbled and proud knowing we've contributed to something so important - something that will provide much-needed help to families right here in Mississauga."