Mira and Nicholas

A few years ago, Mira touched our hearts when she came in with a $200 cheque for the Lifetime of Care Campaign. Her grandfather, Mr. Kim, shared with us the fundraising scrap book he started for Mira and her brother Nicholas, which was filled with thank you letters and photos from all of their fundraising initiatives. Mr. Kim began the scrapbook as a way to encourage Mira and Nicholas to think about giving, and hopes the legacy of the scrapbook will last a lifetime.

Recently we discovered a second scrapbook has been started as we received another wonderful visit from Mira and Nicholas. They returned full of smiles with another cheque for The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation – this time an amazing $500!  As Mr. Kim continues to teach Mira and Nicholas the value of giving back to their community, we can certainly see that for these two young donors, fun is indeed the best part of fundraising.

The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation would like to thank Mira and Nicholas for their generosity, and always making our day a little brighter!