How the Foundation Can Help

The Foundation Events Team is happy to help you get organized and offer guidance for your event from conception through execution.

Here are some of the ways the Foundation can help:
  • Provide advice on planning your event
  • Discuss ideas and best practices
  • Provide resources: lists, templates and documents to assist you in planning and organizing a successful event
  • Help to recruit volunteers to attend your event
  • Promote your event through various communication tools: Inclusion on daily e-mail to all hospital staff and social media tools
  • List your event on the Foundation’s Events Calendar and link to your event website
  • Distribute your brochures or flyers at our Foundation kiosk in the main lobby
  • Provide a letter of endorsement to validate your event
  • Lend you materials you may need such as a Credit Valley banner, presentation cheque and donation box
  • Offer representative(s) from the Foundation to attend your event (subject to availability)
  • Use of our logo for your marketing materials (all print materials must be approved by the Foundation)
  • Issue tax receipts, if applicable

Please note there are a few things that the Foundation is unable to help with.  These include:

  • Providing funding or reimbursement for event expenses
  • Applying for gaming licences or insurance
  • Providing mail/email lists of Credit Valley donors or sponsors
  • Providing administrative help
  • Managing your revenue/expenses