Organize Your Event

Special events are a great way to raise funds for The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation – and we appreciative all your support.

We also want to make sure you have fun through the planning and execution of your event, and have compiled a short reference guide to help you get started. (They may not all apply to your event.)

1. Decide what type of event is right for you

Chat with friends and colleagues to develop an idea for an event that excites you.  You can be as creative, unique or simple as you wish.  Brainstorm with family, friends and co-workers. Think of who will most likely attend your event. Who is your target audience? Is this a general fundraiser where everyone will be invited? Or is this event geared towards a specific group like business people, parents, or young professionals? For event ideas, click here.

2. Set your fundraising goal

In conjunction with the event host committee, organization staff, and key fundraisers, you must decide on the amount of money you plan to raise at the event. The amount you choose should be what you hope to net, that is, the amount you plan to raise after expenses are deducted. Click here for a sample budget that outlines different ways to generate funds as well as possible expenses.

3. Set a Date & Venue

Take into consideration how much time you need to plan your event. Schedule your event on a date and time that your target audience will be available. Remember that holidays can prevent people from attending.

4. Submit your Community Event Agreement Form

Once you have decided on an event concept, please fill out an Event Proposal Form and submit it to the Events Department.  This is an important first step which will help set your plan into action.  You can also arrange to meet with the Foundation events team to discuss the details of your event and how we can best support you.

5. Form a Committee

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan an event of any size. Form a committee of hard working, trust worthy, dedicated volunteers who will be able to help you every step of the way. These people are responsible for contributing time and effort to the event while helping with ticket sales and sponsorship.

6. Promote your Event

Promotion is the key to success. You need to convince your supporters that The Credit Valley Hospital Foundation and your event are worthy of their time and money. Draw up an entire marketing plan for the event. Possible methods of “getting the word out” include: using Credit Valley’s fundraising network (daily staff e-mail, posters, social media tools), mailed invitations, word of mouth and the event host committee.

7. Event Checklist

Create a timeline of when things need to be completed. Create your checklist and assign duties to committee members. For a list of things to consider, click here.

8. Collection of Funds and Wrap up

The hard part is over! Now you just need to wrap up loose ends, pay outstanding invoices and submit the proceeds to the Foundation.

We ask that all funds raised be forwarded to the Foundation within 30 days of your event.  If applicable, information for tax receipts should also be given to the Foundation at this time.  The Foundation will also set up a photo opportunity with you and your event committee for a cheque presentation. 

9. Say “Thank You”

Make sure that you take the time to send thank-you notes to everyone who is involved in your event, including contributors, volunteers, staff and vendors. Keep your supporters happy… you’re probably going to be asking them for another donation sometime down the road.

10. Evaluate your Event

After it is all over, take some time to look back on what worked and what didn’t. This makes planning for your next event more efficient.