Better Together – it’s something our hospital firmly believes and so do we. 

We are very pleased to announce that we have joined our sister foundation, Trillium Health Centre Foundation, to become Trillium Health Partners Foundation.

As one Foundation with one voice, Trillium Health Partners Foundation will have a heightened ability to support our hospital on a much broader and more efficient scale, while continuing to address the site-specific needs of the founding hospitals within Trillium Health Partners. 

You can continue to support the area of need most important to you, at any location, based on the approved funding priorities of the hospital.  You can also choose to direct your gift in support of Trillium Health Partners as a whole. 

We are committed to ensuring that your gifts have maximum impact and are directed according to your request. 

To learn more about the amalgamation, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. 

The Foundations will spend the next year integrating operations under one Board, one CEO and as one team. This will also involve developing a new brand identity that honours the legacy of our two founding foundations. 

We are very excited about this new chapter in our history and know with certainty we are all Better Together!