Phase III - Current Phase

In August, 2011, The Credit Valley Hospital received Ministry approval and funding to proceed with the expansion of the Emergency Department, Surgery Program and Critical Care Unit. This expansion won’t happen in the same way without community support – your support.

Families depend on us. Your support helps ensure we meet our community’s growing needs with the next phase of our development.

Phase III will be an integral part of supporting three critical areas of our hospital’s development, including: improving patient spaces; research and education; and ensuring our medical teams have the right equipment and resources to continue to enable exceptional care.

What does Phase III mean for Trillium Health Partners - Credit Valley Hospital?

The hospital’s vision is to be the role model of Emergency care for the country. Credit Valley is already a provincial leader in reducing Emergency wait times and has achieved this despite working in a 25-year-old space. As one of the top five busiest Emergency Departments in Canada, over 90,000 patients are treated annually in a facility designed to treat just 55,000.

Phase III means:
  • Expanded clinical support services, such as diagnostic imaging to keep up with demand
  • More efficient flow of patients, enhanced quality of care and increased personal privacy and dignity for patients
  • Specially designated paediatric and mental health areas as well as a seniors’ triage area to provide specialized services to the aging population
  • An increase in space from the current 22,000 sq. feet to 32,000 sq. feet

The Critical Care Unit at Credit Valley Hospital provides vital monitoring and treatment for patients with life threatening illnesses, and for patients who need life support services. The unit is currently divided among three separate areas, and is in need of more space and a brighter atmosphere for the often long-term patients and their visiting families.

Phase III means:
  • The creation of a state-of-the-art unit which will be consolidated from three separate units to one main, spacious area for patients and their families
  • Expansion from 18 to 24 beds
  • A spacious, airy atmosphere where each patient has their own window
  • Soundproofing of rooms, so that patients will have no negative sensory stimulation
  • An increase in space from the current 8,700 sq. feet to 17,000 sq. feet

We have the opportunity to dramatically and fundamentally change the surgical landscape at our hospital – and in the GTA.

Phase III means:
  • Four new state-of-the-art operating rooms
  • Expanded recovery areas for both inpatient surgery and day surgery
  • Increased access to surgery right in the community, and decreased wait times for surgical procedures
  • A designated playroom and paediatric/child-friendly area so that more family members can accompany children
  • The establishment of a state-of-the-art regional surgical robotics program for treatment of gynecologic and urologic cancers, including a brand new Da Vinci surgical robot
  • Increased space from 19,295 sq. feet to 39,995 sq. feet