Planned Giving

Founders of the Future

A gift to the Foundation can be a promise, rather than an immediate donation. These gifts are used to benefit future generations, as well as to provide current tax relief. Donations take the form of bequests, real estate, securities, life insurance policies, and more.

With our Founders of the Future program, we will recognize you today for your commitment to our tomorrows by placing your name on our Donors of Distinction wall in the main hospital lobby.

There are many different kinds of planned gifts.
Bequests under a Will
Gift of Insurance
Listed Securities
Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable Insured Gift Annuity
Charitable Remainder Trust

We welcome your support if you choose to participate in our Planned Giving Program. The process can be simple and should be done in consultation with your financial advisor.

We can also provide you with examples of the tax benefits based on today’s taxation formulas.

If you are interested in making a planned gift or would like more information, please contact Nicole Lamont, Executive Director, Philanthropy at 905-813-1100 ext 5990 or